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We know we can make a difference even if it is a small one which is why we are so excited to officially be apart of The Giving Bowl, formerly known as Ryan's Bowl. We are not only providing a meal for these children but also giving them hope & excitement. 💛🌎
We are feeding just under 1,100 kids in 7 schools one meal during their school day. This meal consists of beans with cornmeal, tomato and onions made in a cooking oil to help keep them full. Long term we are excited to add things in their community to help them self sustain and achieve more than they normally would be able to. 

It takes only $65 to feed a child for a whole school year so we are happy to help use our platform to spread the word and make an impact!🙌

We are a small team of people volunteering our time and resources so whatever you can donate is going straight to this cause! ✨ 

You can help from anything as small as sharing our cause, donating a small amount or supporting this cause in anyway you can! We will even accept you donations in person at our restaurant if that makes it easier or online through the charity linked below.⬇️ 

If you are a part of a group or community that hosts speakers please contact us, we would love to come to talk about The Giving Bowl!
Again we are so thankful for amazing customers like you that make things like this possible for us.💛💛💛

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