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About Us

This local restaurant is owned and operated by husband and wife.

Both originally from Europe they want to bring a new fresh style of dining with a modern feel, gourmet look and reasonable pricing. Having traveled in various parts of Europe they fell in love with the different flavors and style! They want to bring that here by serving you the comforts you all know and love with their own twist 100% plant based!

Our vision is to be able to give you the amazing flavors of foods you love now offered with a healthier mindset, a more environmentally
friendly viewpoint & completely cruelty free.


We believe by being open minded we can create a better future not only for

us but for generations to come, from even the smallest steps starting
with what we put on our plates.




“Small acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world” H.Z



Hope you enjoy your meal and we look forward to serving you again!


Cheers Niagara

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