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Dessert Menu

Globe Trotter Truffle                    3.50

A rich chocolate sphere made with

coconut, hemp hearts, flax seeds,

crumbled cashews and a hard-shell

chocolate *GF, SF

Bakllava                                               6

This traditional sweet dessert is made

withlayers of phyllo pastry, freshly

crushed walnuts and chef’s syrup *SF

Kataif                                                    9
A sweet dessert made with shredded

phyllo pastry, stuffed with a pistachio

whipped cream and chef’s syrup

Affogato                                               7

2 scoops of ice cream, magic shell

chocolate, 1 shot of espresso, topped

with coconut whip *GF

Cookies & Cream Cheesecake         9
A creamy cheesecake infused with

the rich flavor of Oreo cookies, set

atop an Oreo crumb crust. *NF

Lemoncello Cheesecake                   9

A light and citrus flavoured cheesecake

filling, resting on a maple cookie crust *NF

Salted Caramel PB &                        11

Chocolate Cheesecake

Three delicious layers. Starting with

a base layer of our Globe Trotter Truffle.

Then layered with a salted date cheesecake

filling. Topped with a rich chocolate peanut butter layer *GF

Bakllava Special                                10

Our Bakllava upgraded! Cut in half and

filled with two scoops of ice cream then

topped off with whipping cream and a

chocolate drizzle *SF

Bakllava Cheesecake                        12
Our signature dessert features layers

of phyllo pastry, filled with a New York

style cheesecake, topped with pistachios,

walnuts, phyllo flakes and drizzled with

chef syrup

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